The Two-week Reuben

The Two-week Reuben

Luna wanted a reuben, so I made a got-damned reuben! (From scratch...)

What started as a simple quest to get a decent reuben in these parts ended up with a two week learning experience. You see, it began when Luna had a simple craving for a reuben on an innocent day like any other. Well, there aren't any good ones around here worth the money, so it started me down the Maker/Baker path and so I promised to make one.

Looked up a simple recipe, seemed simple: rye bread (easy enough), sour kraut (got that, actually), thousand island dressing (seems easy to make), swiss (readily available), then you got corned beed. Well... corned beef, ya can't get outside of March.

My Irish is horribly offended by this. So, I thought how is it make this. Thus, begins the adventure in meat curing!

We required five pounds of brisket, so we looked what the butcher had. Only had an eight pound slab... But turns out that's half price so we had bbq brisket to die for and had plenty left over.


After lots of research on curing meats, I felt confident to thaw the meat. Two days of defrosting later (thick slab of frozen meat in this winter, you get the idea.)

Processing the brisket

Got the prague powder, brined the meat, and let it sit for a spell.

Pickled beef, rinsed.

Then, rinsed that bad boy and threw it into the slow cooker for the morning. Then before dinner, a bit more in the pressure cooker!

Slow cooker corned beef

Pulled it out and it was time to assemble that goodness.

Slicing that beautiful red meat

And there you have it, the needlessly complicated reuben and the subsequent pointless blog post all in an effort to get my dumb ass to share more...

Reuben assembly

Cooking that sucker

(Oh, one bit I left out is during processing of the original brisket, cut off a lot of beef fat to make some utility tallow with.)

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