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Brendan Lee, my brother, is like a mad scientist assembling bits of plastic debris into robot sculptures. These awesome robot maquettes don't move, but feel so alive. And as true with Star Wars, one of his biggest influences, his robots have far more personality than any human. Ever.

To show off these mad skills, I figure this guy needs a website. Well, a few years back, I did just that. But as time wore on, that old design wore on him. So, at the end of last year, we started working on a new design for him. Instead of just slapping on a new coat of paint, I worked in a couple cool new features as well.

For the site, I integrated a way for him to easily add content without having to worry too much about boring things like code. That way he can focus on things that matter, like content creation, getting that perfect photo, or watching the Red Wings game as best he can get on Japanese television.

Plus other features for stuff like a dynamic filter for his portfolio of both photographs and sculpts, fit with smooth animations as it stacks and sorts content right in front of you. Additionally, it now has a popup zoom function (lightbox effect) to get in and see those nice details on his sculpts. As a finishing touch, the design features a desaturation filter that animates the photos to lively color by just hovering on it. Tons of little things to help the site feel more polished.

Now that that's all said and done, go see it for yourself - and give him a follow on Twitter @SabiHobby

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