Character Intro - Perinza of Forge Djaramtyr

Character - Perinza

Please, allow me to debut, Perinza of Forge Djaramtyr (Djar-um-toor). A character for an upcoming collaborative storytelling project with a group of close friends (a TTRPG, but more on that later)

Perinza has a warm heart, despite having cold-blood. She is very active and often found running, swimming, sparring, or playing a sportsball. But, she also doesn't mind falling into a good book or playing loud and fast music. She, like several others out there, goes through life dealing with a significant stammer that she's had from a young age.

Her forge, a clan-like family unit, are strong-hearted nobles that earned their place being terrifying on the battlefield. Even these fierce warriors can be kind parents, though not always understanding of their offspring. She knows she has a lot to live up to in order to bring honor to the forge as she joins a prestigious school of adventuring heroes.

This toon is still very much in development. And I am still not settled on the outfit, this one was just too cute to not share. Next week I'll share more vis dev, and learn with me as I do my best to write a character that is different than myself.

Whoops, I've fallen in love with my OC and now I can't get up! xD

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