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The Two-week Reuben

Luna wanted a reuben, so I made a got-damned reuben! (From scratch...)

What started as a simple quest to get a decent reuben in these parts ended up with a two week learning experience. You see, it began when Luna had a simple craving for a reuben on an innocent day like any other. Well, there a...


Time got away from me again. But, over the period, I've decided that I would like to free up my blog a bit.

Since coming out of art school, the goal for a personal website that was trained into us was to focus and hone the content. But, that's not really how the modern internet works, is it?



This is probably the first content I've written for myself in a few years. Good grief, what a few years it's been too.

Some times I struggle to get to the right audience so. This blog is going to be kind of a joke therapy for me.