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Character - Perinza

Please, allow me to debut, Perinza of Forge Djaramtyr (Djar-um-toor). A character for an upcoming collaborative storytelling project with a group of close friends (a TTRPG, but more on that later)

Perinza has a warm heart, despite having cold-blood. She is very active and often found running, sw...


SABIHOBBY Desk intro

Brendan Lee, my brother, is like a mad scientist assembling bits of plastic debris into robot sculptures. These awesome robot maquettes don't move, but feel so alive. And as true with Star Wars, one of his biggest influences, his robots have far more personality than any human. Ever.

To show off...


Desk of Ultimate Arting left side

The Intro

This whole damn thing started about 2015 or 2016 as "wishful thinking". But, the spark that set the fire was when I became a full time freelancer/contractor. It's been a great long while since I owned a desk of my own and felt it was about damn time I made it a good one!

Now, if you...


Desk of Ultimate Arting

Sometime two years ago, I set out to design the best, most modular desk that would be with me for life. Some features I knew I had to have.

  • adjustable sitting / standing heights
  • Glass top which I could write/draw/scheme on with dry erase markers
  • The glass top had to be frosted to avoid seein...

Trying my hand at dehydrating fruits.

I just dehydrated them with my sense of humor.


A Red Panda Animation... a Red Pandamation. An experiment and rust remover. It's been a long while since I did a 2d animation. I miss it.