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Character - Perinza

Please, allow me to debut, Perinza of Forge Djaramtyr (Djar-um-toor). A character for an upcoming collaborative storytelling project with a group of close friends (a TTRPG, but more on that later)

Perinza has a warm heart, despite having cold-blood. She is very active and often found running, sw...


SABIHOBBY Desk intro

Brendan Lee, my brother, is like a mad scientist assembling bits of plastic debris into robot sculptures. These awesome robot maquettes don't move, but feel so alive. And as true with Star Wars, one of his biggest influences, his robots have far more personality than any human. Ever.

To show off...


Desk of Ultimate Arting left side

The Intro

This whole damn thing started about 2015 or 2016 as "wishful thinking". But, the spark that set the fire was when I became a full time freelancer/contractor. It's been a great long while since I owned a desk of my own and felt it was about damn time I made it a good one!

Now, if you...


The Two-week Reuben

Luna wanted a reuben, so I made a got-damned reuben! (From scratch...)

What started as a simple quest to get a decent reuben in these parts ended up with a two week learning experience. You see, it began when Luna had a simple craving for a reuben on an innocent day like any other. Well, there a...


Desk of Ultimate Arting

Sometime two years ago, I set out to design the best, most modular desk that would be with me for life. Some features I knew I had to have.

  • adjustable sitting / standing heights
  • Glass top which I could write/draw/scheme on with dry erase markers
  • The glass top had to be frosted to avoid seein...

Time got away from me again. But, over the period, I've decided that I would like to free up my blog a bit.

Since coming out of art school, the goal for a personal website that was trained into us was to focus and hone the content. But, that's not really how the modern internet works, is it?



I don't post as often as I'd like. I don't excuse this behavior with reasoning such as I'm too busy. Because while I occupy a lot of my time, I have ways of finding more. Instead, I have much less productive understanding of the situation... For you see, I spent way too long convincing myself that n...


Trying my hand at dehydrating fruits.

I just dehydrated them with my sense of humor.


Rose's are red.

Violins play.

For you...

I'm pretty gay.

This is probably the first content I've written for myself in a few years. Good grief, what a few years it's been too.

Some times I struggle to get to the right audience so. This blog is going to be kind of a joke therapy for me.

A Red Panda Animation... a Red Pandamation. An experiment and rust remover. It's been a long while since I did a 2d animation. I miss it.